Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about KWANi and how we individualize emails for Shopify e-commerce merchants.

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What does it cost to use KWANi?

The pricing of KWANi is super simple. No hidden tier increases, no software use charges. We simply charge you $0.20 per customer per month.

We send two dynamically created, customized emails to every customer every month. On your KWANi home screen, you will know exactly how many emails we have sent to your customers, how much these emails have earned you in returning customer sales, and how much your costs will be for the month.

We offer a 30-day free trial of KWANi so you can see how powerful it is to increase your returning customer sales.

How does KWANi individualize emails to every customer?

KWANI uses advanced AI to dynamically create content for each and every customer in combination with information from your Shopify store.

How often do customer receive emails?

Currently we work on a two week cycle while we perfect the system for sending emails at the time your customers normally order their favorite product from your store.

What languages does KWANi support?

KWANi emails can be sent in any language that Shopify supports through their platform. The language of the email is dependent upon which language your customer has selected as their preferred language.

What do you do with my customers' data?

We protect customers' data using Microsoft encryption services. None of your customer's data is ever sold or made public. And, customers can opt out of sharing data at their discretion. If you uninstall KWANi, your customer data will be removed within 2 weeks.