Customer communication tools are expensive and complicated. They require deep marketing expertise to segment customers, create complex workflows, and design fancy emails.

We created KWANi to eliminate all that frustrating complexity.

Our easy-to-use software is designed for small e-commerce teams with limited resources that want to grow returning customer sales.

KWANi is the future of customer communications.

KWANi automates customer communications

KWANi is a Shopify app that dynamically generates individualized communications that encourage customers to repurchase in your store. Set-up is a breeze and requires no customer segmentation or workflow automation.

Here's what KWANi automatically does for you:

  • Understands your customers and their purchase histories

  • Knows your product catalog and inventory levels

  • Generates unique communications for each and every customer with a past order

  • Contacts customers when they are most likely to respond

  • Talks to your customers in their preferred language

  • Creates and updates customer discounts you set up

  • Includes links to previously purchased items in communications

  • Illustrates how Kwani is performing and growing your sales


"I love the subscription’s replenish emails. They have resulted in a 20% increase in sales." PetDentist, UK

Automatically Individualize Customer Communications

Focus on growing your new business, while KWANi seamlessly engages with and converts your current customers.

Eliminate segmentation headaches and complex automation workflows. KWANi individualizes communications AUTOMATICALLY, no coding or marketing expertise required.

KWANi gives you sophisticated marketing expertise without the marketing costs or outsourcing.

"Really happy with the software. We are keeping a close eye on the analytics and seeing some good results." Farmer Pete's, Australia

Communicate with customers on their schedule

Transform generic emails into personal invitations that dramatically and quickly boost repeat business.

KWANi automatically sends customer communications that are as individualized as your customers at times they are most likely to interact with your brand, wherever they are in the world.

Speak your customer's language

Make every communication an opportunity to deepen relationships with customers and drive repeat sales.

KWANi quickly integrates your store's brand colors and voice into the software. KWANi even translates communications into the language your customers want. No fancy translation software needed.

"App is great! Can't wait for added features and more updates." Woofy Meals, Malta

Know your exact montly costs

Current email programs entice you to subscribe with low entry rates then increase your costs for add-ons or small increases in customer totals.

KWANi sends each customer customized, dynamically created communications for only $0.20 per customer per month.

No hidden tier jumps or add-on costs to worry about.


Free guidance when you need it

Need a hand? We know that smaller e-commerce merchants have limited resources and lean teams.

We are here to assist you with free installation and onboarding guidance so you can keep your focus on your customers.

Click on the button below to set up a call with one of our gurus.

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"Your support service was great and fixed our problem. Highly Recommended!" Farmer Pete's, Australia

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Pay only $0.20 per customer per month

KWANi sends each customer customized, dynamically created communications for only $0.20 per customer per month.

Current KWANi customers experienced an immediate 20%-30% increase in returning customer sales.