The Playbook

So you installed PetPro AI! Congratulations! 

Optimizing your customer's experience is so much more involved than the apps you install.  You must consider your customer's journey from before they even arrive at your site. Once they are at your e-store, you must convince them to purchase.  And, once they leave, you must entice them to return to buy again. 

This is your very own PetPro AI Playbook. A dynamic handbook filled with a guided set of resources to help you think through the successful set up and execution of your store. It includes articles on marketing automation, optimizing PetPro AI, customer engagement and retention, and personalization strategies and tactics.

Ready?  Let's get started. 

Set Up Email Automations

Learn how to increase a customer retention and engagement using KWANi's email automation tool. Set up this powerful tool in five easy steps then automatically send dynamically created, customized replenish emails to each of your customers.

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Maximize Returning Customer Sales with Replenish Emails

Customers' increasing demands for customization is rapidly altering how e-commerce merchants re-engage with them. Learn how you enable true one-to-one personalization for your customers' shopping experiences so they will become loyal customers.

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Attract Customers to Your E-Store

Now that you have your store all set up and looking fine, you are ready to greet the flocks of waiting customers. The old adage of "Build it and they will come" just isn't true in the noisy world of e-commerce. So we wrote a beginners guide to help you attract people to your pet product store.

  • 17 Strategies for Attracting Customers to Your Online Store

    SHOPIFY offers a long list of ways to attract customers. Read the article HERE.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Ecommerce Marketing

    This article from HUBSPOT is a wealth of information to get your started. Read it HERE.

  • 10 strategies for attracting more shoppers to your online webstore

    Excellent article from BRIGHTPEARL about attracting shoppers to your store. Read it HERE.

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Incentivize Customers to Buy From Your E-Store

In building our own e-commerce pet product store at Scollar, we have found that customers LOVE to get a discount. If they feel your store is reputable and will deliver a good product to them in a timely manner, they will do what you ask AS LONG AS YOU GIVE THEM A REWARD. For so many customers, the reward is a discount.

  • 18 Coupon and Discount Code Ideas for Small Business

    SHOPIFY wrote their own guide for discount codes and it's very useful. Check it out HERE.

  • 39 Expert Coupon Statistics that Will Save You Money in 2021

    This article by SAVE MY CENT is a wealth of information about discounts. Read the article HERE.

  • Why Limited-Time Offers Entice Shoppers to Buy

    PSYCHOLOGY TODAY writes about the mindset of consumers and discounts. Read the article HERE.

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Enable Your Customers to Add Pets to Your E-store

Now that you have installed KWANi in your pet e-store let's make it visible for customers to find. This blog will teach you how to enable the KIDO icon, add KWANi to your navigation menu and add a nudge pop-up on your product and shopping cart pages.


Add KWANi to the Navigation Menu of your Pet Store

Once people are browsing on your site, guiding them towards what they are looking for becomes the most important thing. We enabled KWANi to become part of your navigation menu to make it super easy for customers to add their pets to your e-commerce store.

  • Ecommerce Guidelines: Navigation

    Digital marketing education powerhouse, CXL, wrote a comprehensive guide to stellar navigation. Read the guide HERE.

  • Website Navigation: 9 Best Practices, Design Tips and Warnings

    ORBITMEDIA wrote a very useful guide to understanding and implementing navigation best practices. Read the article HERE.

  • 8 Innovative Ways to Optimize Your Website Navigation

    This excellent article by THE GOOD highlights several powerful ways to optimize your navigation. Learn these ways HERE.

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What do YOU want to read about in The Playbook? Leave us a comment and let us know what we should add.